6 Things to do before you travel


When planning a holiday I like to research my destination.   Here are 6 things that will help you make the most of your holiday.

Useful igers


  1. Social media – Following popular twitter and instagram accounts for your destination will give you great insight and images of best things to see and do.



2. Searching the internet – A simple Google search about you2 google searchr destination can be invaluable. Finding out the local customs, upcoming public holidays or festivals will make your trip even better.


Travel mags

3. Reading articles – As a travel junkie I have subscriptions to a few travel publications, one of my favourites is Condé Nast Traveller. I book mark pages with destinations I want to visit, so I will often refer back to old issues.  I also find reading the magazines inspires me to visit new destinations.



4. Bloggers – Following Travel Bloggers will provide you with great sources of valuable information, use us as your personal recommendations we are your secret industry experts.



5. Trip Advisor – Once you have chosen your destination and have a list of things you want to do have a check on Trip Advisor. Reviewers are really helpful; you get recent feedback on activities both good and bad.  Often reviewers will let you know if you should book your activity with an operator or when at your destination.  You can also find out the best time of the day or best day of the week to go.  I tend to read recent reviews and reviews for the time of year I am travelling.  Trip advisor is also a great place to find more activities to choose from.


6. Friends – Don’t forget to ask them, as they travel too. Speak to them before you travel, as they will give you great honest opinions on destinations they have been to.

Now you know where you are going and what you want to do, check out my Top 10 Travel Tips to save you time and stress.

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