5 Must do things in Bermuda

One thing Bermuda has in abundance is things to do , here are my top 5 Must do things.

  1. Helmet Diving – This was an amazing experience  that I will never forget.  Hartley’s Helmet Diving is for ages 5-85.  2 miles of shore and in about 10 feet of water you spend 30-40 minutes under the sea with an aray of fish and coral in the natural habitat. Put it this way its the best thing I have ever done.
  2. Crystal and Fantasy Caves – The Crystal cave was discovered in 1907 and the Fantasy cave a few years later.  See in amazement the pristine white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws are affixed to the roof of the cave and the fascinating stalagmites. The other amazing attraction are your guides, they make this great experience and amazing experience, shout out to Ron!
  3. Visit the Beach – This one isn’t very hard to do, one thing bermuda isn’t short of is beaches.  There are loads to choose from but if you can take a trip to Horseshoe beach (not in the week days as its very busy), Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach or Tobacco Bay you wont be disappointed.
  4. Watersports – While the ocean is at the end of the road where ever you go, it makes sense to take part in water sports.  Paddle Boarding, Jet Ski’s or Kayaking check out Just Add Water.
  5. Harbour Nights – Harbor nights takes place on every Wednesday between May and September on Front Street of Hamilton Bermuda. Harbor Nights is the longest running street festival in Bermuda and the largest. The Front Street in Hamilton is closed to all vehicles after sunset. The shops and the restaurants remain open till late at night. There are street vendors selling various kinds of local arts and crafts, so a great place to get gifts.  Kids will also have a great time as there is a face painting, inflatables and candy floss and icecream stands.  There are great of food stands selling different kinds of food, both Bermudian and ethnic. There is also a perfomance from the Gombey dancers with their lively music and rhythmic drumming.  What I love about Harbour nights is that it is the place where locals a tourist come together.gombies

If you want to see more pictures from Bermuda click here.



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