My top 10 stress saving travel tips

You have booked your trip and your holiday is fast approching, here are my 10 top tips that will save time and stress that you may also find helpful.

1) If it’s important keep it with you

Hand luggage essentials.  Pack medications, valuable electrical equipment and chargers in your hand luggage.  If you can’t do without it keep it with you on the flight.

2) Be Prepared

When going on holiday I like to prepare for the worst case scenario, I pack 1 days worth of clothes in my hand luggage  just in case my suitcase goes missing or  my flight gets delayed. I take one outfit suitable for my destination, underwear, swimwear if going to a destination with a pool or beach and sleepwear.  I also take a mini first aid kit which I pack in my hold luggage.

3) Back Up before you go & while your abroad

I take lots of photos on my phone when on holiday, most of us do. When I am at home I try to back up my phone regularly (about once very two months).  If you have free wi-fi, try to do this on holiday. I was in Ibiza a few years back and on the last day of my holiday I left my phone in the back of a taxi.


I can tell you I was devastated for a few days as I realised I had lost all my wonderful photos.  Luckily there was a large group of us so I have some photos from the trip but it’s not the same.

4) Mix my case

If travelling with kids or other family members I split half of my clothing within each case. A few years back a friend’s case went missing and didn’t arrive for 4 days. But she wasn’t stressed out like most of us would be, she had split her case with her daughters and had enough to get by with until the second case arrived.  Ever since then I have done the same where possible.

5) Arrive Early (well I try too)

Being early will give you time to shop in duty-free without looking like a crazy person running to the gate with 5 seconds to spare. Now I’ll be honest there are a few times where I have nearly missed my flight, but giving yourself plenty of time at the airport is definitely the better option.

6) Split your money

I place my cash in a number of places, so if I lose my wallet I won’t have lost it all.  I also keep my cash and bank card separately, there’s nothing worse than losing everything and feeling helpless until the insurance company or bank can help.



7) Pack Less

I am definitely an over packer, but I am getting better.  I recently started to take photos of my outfits and I try not to bring to many just one or two outfits above the number of days I am travelling.  Packing less will not only mean that you won’t be over the luggage weight restrictions , but having space in your case to so you can buy things while on holiday.

8) Learn local phrases goggle-translate


When travelling to a country where the local language is not English I like to try to learn a couple of local phrases.  I also use goggle translate if I need a bit more help.  You can download languages to your phone before you travel meaning you won’t need to use wi-fi.  Google translate has really improved in recent years, you can now take a photo of text and it will translate it in real-time. Here is a picture of an article about Mauritius which in real-time coverted the English into French.


9) Get Travel Insurance

Get travel insurance and then read the small print.  I have free family cover travel insurance with my premium bank account which is a great bonus.  However the banks policy often changes and is regularly updated, so check it thoroughly before you travel to ensure you are covered for the activities that you want to take part in.  I also have asthma so I have to get additional annual cover to ensure I am fully covered.


It’s unbelievable that 1 in 5 people in the UK don’t get travel insurance.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that we don’t pay for medical treatment in the UK as we have the NHS (National Health Service) which is free.  Many people also think nothing will happen to them.  Well things do happen and you won’t want family members digging deep into their life savings or having to set up a GoFundMe page in your name because you were too lazy to bother.  If you don’t think you can afford travel insurance you probably can’t afford to travel.  However there are some great policies you just need to shop around.

Extra Tip: Book your travel insurance as soon as you can after booking your trip.  If you need to cancel your holiday in an emergency you may find that your booking will not be transferred  or refunded and without insurance you many forfeit the cost of your holiday. 

10) Copy Important Documents

  • Take a photocopy and photos on your phone of important documents, also email the copy to yourself.
  • Passport & travel visas – If you lose the real ones getting replacements will be a whole lot easier with a copy.
  • Having a copy of the address of where you’re staying will help if completing landing cards and when trying to remember when in a taxi.
  • If you’re in accident having a copy of your travel insurance documents on you or in your hotel room will maybe the difference of having to pay for treatment up front.

I hope you found these tips useful, I’m sure there are a few here that you already do, but don’t keep them to yourself, share your new found knowledge.


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