15 Tips to help you save for an amazing holiday! (Part 1 Saving)

Part 1: 3 Money saving tips that can help you afford an amazing holiday!

If like me you don’t fancy the idea of backpacking, staying in a youth hostel or at 2 star hotel, then you know booking a holiday to a wonderlust destination can cost a pretty penny.

In the next 5 posts I will be sharing the 3 tips on saving, shopping, flights, food & drink and health that I have used to help me get to my dream destinations without having to live like a student to get me there.   

monthly-budget-pTip 1) Budget: Make sure you have a monthly budget, so you know how much money you have to put aside for bills each month. Then open a savings account just for holiday funds and set up a standing order to put money into it each month.  It can be as little as £50.00.  Add holiday funds to your budget list like it is a bill so you never even think the money is available to spend.  If you have any money left at the end of the month put in into your saving account. Click here to download my Monthly Budget Tracker to help you.

52wk-spTip 2) Save: You can save £1,376.00 by starting a 52 week saving plan. Yes that’s right £1,376!!!! You may have heard about this before. You save £1 in the first week, £2’s in the second and all the way to £52’s in the 52nd week of the year. Well most of this lists start in January which is great because we tend to have less money straight after xmas, but I found that it was really hard to save £202.00 in December, when I have Christmas present to buy, so the following year I started a month earlier in December. 52 Weeks Saving Plan 1 year to £1,378

change-lTip 3) Loose change: At the end of the day put your loose change from the day in a jar put keep the £1 & £2 coins. When the jar is full you a bag it up and deposit in to your savings account.

Click Here to read Part 2, 3 Money saving shopping tips that can help you afford an amazing holiday!

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