15 Tips to help you save for an amazing holiday in! (Part 2 Shopping)

Part 2: 3 Ways your shopping can help you afford an amazing holiday!

If like me you don’t fancy the idea of backpacking, staying in a youth hostel or at 2 star hotel, then you know booking a holiday to a wonderlust destination can cost a pretty penny.

In the next remaining 4 posts I will be sharing the 3 tips on shopping, flights, food & drink and health that I have used to help me get to my dream destinations without having to live like a student to get me there. 

Tip 4) meal-planFood shopping the effective way –  When I decided to eat healthier last year (so I would look ok a swimsuit) I was advised to complete a *meal plan.  It not only helped me to eat better but I knew everything I needed to buy, which meant I spent less.  I write my meal plan on the an app once a week and from that I can produce a shopping list.   When I go shopping I try to do my best not to deviate from the list (and it’s not easy and I do fail sometimes). However the results are great, I eat less junk food, waste less food and spend less money.  

* I use a free app called Meal Planner Pal

Bonus Tip: Don’t go food shopping when hungry we by more food and non food products when hungry.

Tip 5) buy-bulkAnother way you can also save money on your food shop by shopping smart! I have a list of products I buy regularly. If there is something that is on offer that I buy regularly I buy it in bulk. I still shop branded products… I can’t live without Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, green giant sweetcorn, Heinz baked beans and Tomato Ketchup although I get the reduced sugar one. At the end of my shopping receipt it tells me how much I have saved and I transfer that amount into my savings account. I shop in loads of supermarkets, Sainburys, Tescos, Waitrose and Lidl.


Tip 6) Shop effectively – What do I mean by this? Question yourself, do I need this item? Can I get it cheaper?  Are there any sales coming up?  Can someone get it for me as a gift for Christmas, Birthday, Mother days, Anniversary?

Tip: Try to only buy things you need not things you want.  Try not to pay the full price, shopping around can make a real difference. A quick google search can be a great friend.  As a former shop alcoholic, I know anyone can do this.  Now I actually wear the clothes I buy instead of them sitting in one of my wardrobes (yes I have 2, well 3 wardrobes if you count the one in the other room and two chest of draws) hanging on a nice hanger.  Using this method I buy less which allows me to save more money and the feeling of not paying full price is always good too.

My next post I will be sharing 3 tips to cheaper flights so you can have the holiday you have always wanted in 2017!

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