15 Tips to help you save for an amazing holiday in! (Part 3 Flights & Hotels)

Part 3: 3 tips to cheaper flights and hotels for an amazing holiday!

So you want to book your trip to a wonderlust destination here are tips 7-9 to help you get there. 

Tip 7) Booking your holiday – Can you take your holiday off peak, when the kids go back to school? This isn’t always possible but you can see dramatic price differences.  Also check when the school holiday are at the destination you want you go to, they are not always the same a yours. So even if your kids are on school holidays your destination might still be in school and you can save £100’s.


Be warned if you take your kids out of school during term time in the UK you maybe fined, however in May 2016 John Platt won a cause when he went to the High Court because he refused to pay a £120 fine for taking his daughter on an unauthorised term-time holiday.

how-to-book-cheap-flights-by-mywonderfulworld-co-ukTip 8) Can you fly midweek or at an obscure hour?  This can reduce your cost dramatically. Going away for a long weekend can be costly if you return Sunday night or Monday morning, as this is the time a lot of business travellers tend to fly. If you can return a day later you are more likely to get cheaper flights. If travelling for 7 day trips of longer, try to be more you the more flexible.  Leaving on a Tuesday is often the cheapest day of the week to go.  Flights on the first early bird flight of the day or during lunch time or dinner time or are often cheaper options but the best thing is to shop around. My first stop to search for flights is Google Flights, if you know when in the year I want to travel, it will give you suggestions of places you can travel with rough costs.  You can then drill down to the flights available, the flight times from all airlines.

Tip 9) Book your flights and hotel using google in an incognito window. – Each time you search for flights cookies are tracked and the next time you try to book the price is likely to have increased.  If you don’t want Google to save a record of what you visit you can browse the web privately in Incognito mode. By using the incognito window you are likely to get the ‘true’ price. Just enter ‘google incognito’ in the url and click to open in a new tab or window.

Getting the best deal can take time, you need to shop around.  For flights use Google Flights, Expedia, Skyscanner, Kayak, Travel Supermarket.com and then you can also check the airlines directly.  For hotels use, Booking.com, Trip advisor,  Hotels.com, Expedia (at the same  time as looking for flights) Last minute.com, Laterooms and then once you have worked out which hotel you want to stay in contact the hotel directly. Hotels will often treat their direct bookings better, they often add free transfers, room upgrades, room credit and late checkouts.

Good luck, take you time and grab a great deal!

In the next remaining 2 post I will be sharing money-saving tips 11-15 about how food & drink and health can help you to get to a dream destination in 2017 without having to live like a student to get there.   

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