15 Tips to help you save for an amazing holiday! (Part 5 Health)

Part 5: 3 Health related tips so you can save for an amazing holiday!

You want to book your trip to a wonderlust destination here are tips 13-15 to help you get there. 

The year is coming to an end so it could also be the best time to start a new years resolution and look after your health, by giving up or cutting down on just 3 things you will be able to be healthier and have more money available for that perfect holiday! Here are 3 things that you could choose from or you could add something else.

Tip 13) Stop smoking or at best cut down is a great way to save money, at £10.00 plus for a pack of 20 cigarettes not cheap by cutting down the number you smoke or giving up will not only be good for your health, it will save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds each year.  Work out much you spend each month on smoking, then put the money you are going to save by cutting down or stopping  into your savings account.  Click here for some advise on giving up smoking.

Tip 14) Your Gym membership – Yes I know January is the one time of the year when the gym is packed so why not keep clear and workout at home?

If like me you go through phases of keeping fit a gym membership can be a big drain of your pocket.  Here are few things that have really helped me keep on track or get on track.

  • Working out at home using you YouTube videos
  • Try jogging – I’m not good at this at the best of times, but I do intervals to push my heart rate and it stops me from getting bored (I hate the treadmill anyway so jogging can be great).  You can also sign up to park run , which is great and is something the family can do together. (Image from Park run)

    img_7056(Image from Park run)
  • Ask a friend who can keeps you accountable and checks that you have worked out 3 times a week or you can download an app called Pump Up  which is great and motivational.
  • Try using 30 day app challenges that will help you improve my fitness level.  I loved the 30 push up challenge I could just about do 5 and within 30 day I could do 30 no problem. fullsizerender

Tip 15) Drinking alcohol, cutting down on the amount you drink might seem boring, but your body will thank you for it.  Like smoking, drinking is not cheap, drink less will save you money and if you have a little break your will find you need less alcohol to feel merry once you start again.  Click here for help and support to cut down drinking.

I hope you have found the 15 tips to an amazing holiday useful and have planned a big trip in 2017.   If you have missed any posts click these links to catch up. Money Saving tips, Shopping Tips, Cheaper Flights & Hotel Tips, Food & Drink Tips.

52 Weeks Saving Plan 1 year to £1,378

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