5 Achievable New Years Resolutions 2017

Sometimes I think New Years resolutions are there to set us up for failure, unachievable dreams and hopes we set for ourselves only to let ourselves down by mid-February.

This year I wanted to have some plans that could be achieved, here are my 5!

1) As a travel and experiences blogger, travel and experiences will always be the top two in my list of things I want to do every year. This year I really want to push out the boundaries and go to places I’ve never been before my first trip will be to Mauritius a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. I have also planned a 3 day stop over in the Dubai in the Middle East (making in my trip two holidays in one). My second trip that I haven’t planned yet, will hopefully be somewhere in Europe I have never been. My third trip be in the autumn  also in Europe to a destination I have wanted to go for over a decade, Iceland. If I can squeeze in any other trips I will.

2) My second resolution is to try new things, I think this is totally achievable not too much pressure and should also be fun.  This year I plan to try scuba-diving, indoor skydiving, zip lining and a water submersible / mini submarine.

3) My third resolution is to be healthy this is something that always try to do but fail at miserably. This year I am to eat better and keep fit consistently and stay as well if possible. This will be my hardest challenge but it is achievable.

4) My fourth resolution is to be happy, doesn’t everybody wanna be happy? Not sure how this one will go but I plan to start and finish every day happy.

5) My fifth resolution for the year is to eat beautiful food. As I’ve grown older I have noticed that my taste buds have definitely changed and that I’m willing to try new things. So in 2017 I want to push the boundaries and try new cuisines that I’ve never had before.  I thinking Korean and Mauritian food should be a good start.

What have you planned to achieve in 2017?

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