London 2012 Olympics

In 2012 I was able to make a dream come true and finally I was able to go an Olympics.

My family are massive sports fans, as a teenager I was on holiday in Canada visiting family for a month and I remember waking up in the middle of the night to watch the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  It was then that I said I would make it to the Olympics one day.

So when it was announced on July 6th 2005 that London had won the bid to host the Olympics in 2012, I was elated.  As the time came nearer I realised that I would not be able to volunteer as I helper as I needed to run my business and could not take nearly a month off.

So I knew that I had to get tickets, I was in the ballot and so was my mum and a friend, between us we applied for over £3,000 worth of tickets in the first round.  We tried for athletics, basketball, swimming, and tennis.  We thought between one of us would get tickets but no, it wasn’t to be.  In the Second round of tickets allocations I didn’t get any tickets and started to despair.

In the third round I decided to take any tickets available.  I ended up with tickets to the Men’s Football Semi Final at Wembley (not knowing who it would be) and tickets to Men’s Hockey morning session at the Olympic Park.



While it wasn’t the tickets we had originally hoped for, it was still amazing.

August 7th 2012 – Men’s Football

london-olympic-football-match-from-www-mywonderfulworld-co-ukWhile our tickets didn’t end up being a match with Brazil or England it was still a fun day out. Our semi final tickets were Mexico Vs Japan.   We decided to support Japan as we have a friend from England who lives there. On route along Olympic way the road that leads from the underground station to Wembley Football Ground we found a Mariachi Band.

Our support for Japan didn’t help much as Mexico won the match 3-1 and went on to beat Brazil in the final.


Saturday 11th August 2012 – Men’s Hockey

hockey-at-the-olympic-parkThe experience of the Olympic Park was great, my son and I had morning session tickets to the Men’s Hockey which also allowed us to stay in the Park all day. The weather was lovely and hot in the morning, which if you know London is not always a guaranteed. The games we got to see were good and I was learning the rules too.



After the matches we then stood in the very very very very very long queue for lunch AKA expensive fast food.  While in the queue I got chatting to the mother of an Olympian who was in the men’s South African Hockey Team, it was lovely just chatting to her for 30 minutes about her boy and how proud she was.  We then went around the park and ended up at one of large Olympic shops were we found these guys.  Wentlock & Co the Olympic Mascots, only £32 so they were left on the shelf!!!



We did buy a few Olympics Pins (have no idea where they are now).

There was an area where you could sit down and watch highlights of what was happening on a big screen, along with thousands of others.  There was a stage and presenters would appear with athletes throughout the day and interview them following their successes which was great. We stayed in that area most of the day, in the evening thousands of us watched Mo Farah (now Sir Mo Farah) win his 2nd gold medal.  Its was an amazing feeling, I only wish we could of watched I live in the stadium, we could hear the crowd cheering him on in the stadium just a few hundred meters aways and by the time it was the last lap everyone around us was on their feet screaming him on!



On the way home, we met the gold medallist of the 1,500m women at she took a picture with my son and her medal, at the time it was great to meet a winner, but this was later soured when she was found out to be a drug cheat (so the picture is now deleted). 😦

While I had finally made to it the Olympics and had a great experience I was left wanting more and booked tickets to the Women’s Wheel Chair Basketball, but that’s another story.

Have you been to the Olympics? If so, which one, what did you get to see?

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