London is open

As I travelled to work into central London today I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

72 Hours in London Day 2 Red Telephone Boxes at


London on the whole is a very safe city and I have lived here my whole life and worked in central London on and off for 20 years.  I’m old enough to remember the times with IRA bomb scares and bombings.

72 Hours in London Day 2 Carnaby Street at

I was working in London the day of the July bombings and walked with colleagues to Waterloo as there was no transport in central London, and then after walking in near silence getting on any train out the london not knowing it’s destination  as  we all tried to get home. We arrived as work the next day and I remember the feeling of a community coming together in the days following.


What I’m trying to say is come to London it’s as safe as anywhere else in the world, don’t let the actions of few change your views of our amazing capital. In times of difficulty we always come together.

London is open!

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