4 things to help you sleep on a plane

While I love to travel, one of the things I cannot do is sleep well on a plane.  I doubt I get more than 5 minutes at any one time.  I’m not sure why it happens although in “real life” I am a night owl and go to bed past midnight most nights. I have no problems getting to sleep and often drop off as soon as my head hits the pillow.

However, plane insomnia as I call it actually impacts me quite a lot. I either stay awake the whole journey, at times this can be up to 36 hours straight or I miss out of valuable holiday time if travelling long haul as I crash out when I get to the hotel.

I try to look on the positive side and think about all the films I can watch on the plane instead.  What annoys me though is the ease that other people have to nod off.  On a recent flight my son woke up after 30 minutes and asked if we had taken off yet much to my jealously, clearly my plane insomnia is not hereditary.

There are ways I get around this, I try to book a daytime flight so that I sleep when I get to my destination in the evening, but this often means I spend an extra night at a hotel which costs money and also daytime flights can be more expensive.

So before going away recently I decided to do some research on what I could do to help me sleep better and I tried 4 products which definitely helped and allowed my to nod off for 30 minutes or so at a time and as a result I felt more rested.

mywonderfulworld.co.uk - Sleeping on a plane is a myth to me - ear plugs

1.Ear Plugs are great for reducing the loud noise on the flight.

Details: I tried a pair of Alpine FlyFit ear plugs they come in a box and also have an applicator to clean the ear plugs.

Results: They were great in reducing plane noise, very comfortable to wear and I definitely recommend them.

Earplugs 4.5/5.0


2.Eye Mask/Sun Glasses are great for helping to block out bright light.

Details: I made the mistake of forgetting my eye mask, so I popped on a pair of sunglasses.

Results: I didn’t find the sunglasses comfortable to wear, but they did darken my view and help to replicate a darker room, but I would definitely suggest trying an eye mask as it will block out light and be more comfortable. 

Sunglasses: 2.0/5.0


mywonderfulworld.co.uk - Sleeping on a plane is a myth to me - neck pillow3.Neck Pillow is great for giving next support to help prevent neck ache.

Details: I tried this MUJI’s grey striped neck cushion, it is filled with beads which (a bit like a bean bag for your neck) to comfortably support the neck whilst travelling. There is also a clip and an adjustable strap to keep the cushion in place around the neck. Price £19.95

Results: It took a bit of getting used to but it is comfortable and I will definitely use it again. What I love about this neck pillow is that you can remove the cover of the neck pillow to wash it. 

Muji neck pillow: 3.5/5.0 

4.Scarf’s are great to keep you warm during the flight.

Details: When flying I always use the blankets provided on a long haul flight, but on top of that I always have a scarf wrapped around my neck and shoulders.  I love this Galaxy Scarf from Oliver bonas.  Price £26.00.

mywonderfulworld.co.uk - Sleeping on a plane is a myth to me - Oliver Bonus Scarf

Results: I’m not sure if your like me but I hate to be cold and I am hardly without a scarf. The great thing about taking a scarf on holiday is you can use it a head scarf when you’re having a bad hair day and its great for keeping warm and drafts at bay

Oliver Bonas Scarf: 5.0/5.0 

Overall trying these 4 products together helped to improve my experience why trying to sleep during a flight. I think having an eye mask will improve the experience further and on my next trip I am going to try listening to relaxing music as well.


Do you have difficulty sleeping on flights? I would be interested in what you do to sleep when travelling? leave a comment below.


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