5 Achievable New Years Resolutions 2018

This year I have tweaked my new years resolutions, but they are all achievable, here are my 5 for 2018!

1) My first resolution this year is to be happy, I have put it at the top of the list.  If it doesn’t make you happy then why do it?

2) My second resolution is to travel more. As a travel and experiences blogger, travel will always be in the top two in my list of things I want to do every year.

This year I am starting my big travel trip (more of that later in the year). I want to go away on long weekends, city break and trips all over the UK and travel to Northern Europe to new destinations and a back to Finland.

3) My third resolution Take time for self-care.  For me this means more me time, and putting myself first.  This means saying no to people, treating myself better and do more of the things I love.

4) My fourth resolution for the year is to be healthy, I will achieve this by planning.  Planning my meals and exercise and my also having a friend to keep me accountable.  Sleeping longer and also using mindfulness and meditation when things get tough. As with last year this will be my hardest challenge but it is achievable.

5) My fifth resolution for the year is to step outside of my comfort zone.  I am not sure what this will intake but the best things happen when your outside your comfort zone.

2018 (1)

What have you planned to achieve in 2018?

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