My Bucket List

I love amazing experiences, here is my bucket list that I am working through…..


1. Go to Niagara Falls  – Done

2. Fly in a helicopter

124 At the top at


3. Go up the worlds tallest Building – Done


4. Go to an F1 Grand Prix

The Champions League Final at 

5.  Go to the Champions League Final – Done


6. Go to Iceland

7. Go on a submarine



8. Go Helmet Diving – Done


9. Learn to Scuba Dive

10. Go to Carnival in Brazil

11. See a Broadway show

12. Go to Tokyo

13. Go to a Film Premier




14. Go to the Olympics – Done


15. Go to the Grand Canyon

16. Go to Cuba

17. See sunset in Santorini

18. Go to the Galapagos Islands

19. Watch baby turtles hatching

20. See an active volcano

Where have you been, and what else I should add to my bucket list?

Click here to find out about the 2012 London olympics

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