The Big Trip

Here is my 2018/2019 travel warning!

As you know I turn 40 and in the autumn of 2018 I will have an empty nest for the first time in 19 years. Instead of staying at home lonely and miserable I am going to leave the nest too and travel for 40 weeks!!!!!

I am going see the world (well the bits I want too) & it would be great if you could come and see some of it with me! 

I want some chilled out beach holidays and sightseeing trips, I’m pretty flexible if you have kids and want to bring them that’s cool too….. 

If there is a destination on the list you want to come to you just need to reserve a destination by letting me know and that then it is be closed to others and the list updated. 

We can reserve hotel accommodations or Airbnb as soon as possible, but please know I am a holiday snob so we WILL NOT be slumming it, but will get the best value for money as always.

Here’s the boring bit: Booking

I would like to book flights and lock everything down as soon as possible and get the best flight deals when is it flight sale times (July, Sept & Dec/Jan), so bare that in mind and start saving!

If you think I have forgotten an amazing destination to visit please let me know as there is always room to add more places.

Here’s the fun part: The list! 

Date Week Destination Status
Phase 1 – Long Weekends in Europe
05-Apr-18 Week 1 Nice Reserved CS
06-May-18 Week 2 Lisbon Reserved HB
29-June-18 Week 3 Paris Reserved NJ & FW
28-Oct-18 Week 4 Switzerland Reserved FW
TBC Week 5 Scotland Free
TBC Week 6 Finland Free
TBC Week 7 Norway Free
TBC Week 8 Austria Free
24-Dec Week 9 Home Reserved
31-Dec Week 10 Home / Caribbean  Cruise Reserved HJ
Phase 2 – Caribbean – BVI, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Curacao, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Turk & Caicos Islands & any others I can fit in!
07-Jan Week 1 Caribbean  Cruise Reserved HJ
14-Jan Week 2 Caribbean Cruise Reserved HJ
21-Jan Week 3 Caribbean Free
28-Jan Week 4 Caribbean Free
04-Feb Week 5 Caribbean  Cruise Reserved SJ
11-Feb Week 6 Caribbean Free
18-Feb Week 7 Caribbean Free
25-Feb Week 8 Home
Phase 3 – Middle East / Asia / Australia / US
04-Mar Week 9 Iceland/ Jordan Free/Reserved BM
11-Mar Week 10 Oman Free
18-Mar Week 11 Hong Kong Free
25-Mar Week 12 Singapore Free
01-Apr Week 13 Japan Reserved TL & KGE
08-Apr Week 14 Japan Reserved TL & KGE
15-Apr Week 15 Bali Free
22-Apr Week 16 Bali or Philippines Free
29-Apr Week 17 California Reserved WD
06-May Week 18 Caribbean – TBC Reserved
13-May Week 19 Australia – Sydney Reserved KC
20-May Week 20 Australia – Gold Coast Free
27-May Week 21 Australia – Uluru Free
03-Jun Week 22 Nevada Reserved KC
10-Jun Week 23 Neada / New Mexico Reserved
17-Jun Week 24 Destination TBC Reserved
24-Jun Week 25 New Mexico / Home Reserved
Phase 4 – Europe – Short 3 – 4 day trips
01-Jul Week 26 Denmark /Spain – Madrid Free
08-Jul Week 27 Spain – Barcelona /Amsterdam Free
15-Jul Week 28 Croatia Reserved FE
22-Jul Week 29 Croatia/Italy – Florence  Reserved/ Free
29-Jul Week 30 Italy Rome & Pompeii Free
05-Aug Week 31 Berlin/Prague Free
12-Aug Week 32 Cyprus Reserved TL
19-Aug Week 33 Bulgaria/Budapest  Reserved
26-Aug Week 34 TBC Free

There is flexibility of dates within each phase so if the week doesn’t work for you we may be able to move it around.

I look forwards to hearing from you soon and hope you can make a destination or two…